The Crew

Captain Rob Eves is Transport Canada certified in Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) Marine Safety (MEDA3) and Maritime VHF Radio (ROC). With many years knowledge of the local waters and the fish species, we will get you on fish.

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The Boat

We run a 22 foot Wilker Tournament powered by a 5.8l OMC Cobra. Outfitted with GPS Sonar, VHF radio. Shimano, Penn, Okuma and Diawa rods and reels. Electric downriggers, wire dipsey, lead core and copper lines, and planer boards.

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Fish Species

Early season fishing usually consists of lake trout which average 10lb, however we get many over 15lb and some exceeding 20lb. As the summer progresses we start to get more species of fish migrating into the area usually starting with brown trout followed by rainbow trout and Chinook salmon. The rainbows and brown typically range in the 5-10lb area, but have exceeded 15lbs.We have even caught the odd smallmouth bass while trolling which usually run in the 5lb or larger range

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$600 includes: A full day charter from 7:30am to 4pm dock to dock for up to 4 people. Fish cleaning. All tackle and equipment. What to bring along: Valid Ontario Fishing license, sunscreen, Lunch and lots of water or other beverages, Gravol (If you think you may get motion sickness or if you are unsure if you will, this is a good precautionary measure before you head out on the water, nothing ruins your day faster than sea sickness) Check out our new ice fishing page